Billington Foundation Partners

 Impactful Collaborations


Buttle UK, previously known as The Frank Buttle Trust, is a UK-based charitable organization specializing in offering financial grants to children facing adversity. Established by Frank Buttle in 1937 and fully operational after his passing in 1953, this charity has positively impacted countless individuals across the United Kingdom.

Ufton Court

Ufton is an innovative education charity that aims to change children’s lives through challenging and inspirational learning outside the classroom.

Anderton Centre

The Anderton Centre’s primary role is to operate as a residential and day visit activity centre, with a focus on working with young people and community groups.


To champion the comprehensive growth of young individuals, fostering their potential as both distinct individuals and meaningful contributors to society.


Dedicated to helping every child connect with nature by running exciting, safe and educational outdoor activity days that inspire learning and inquisitiveness.